How POLEP Minting Works

Good to know: Minting takes place on the Polygon blockchain, so you'll need some Polygon in your wallet to mint. We leverage Polygon because of the low gas fees.

Step 1: Go to to learn more about the Bella Proof of Learning Experience

Step 2: Go to to start the minting process.

Good to know: Make sure you have a Metamask or Wallet Connect wallet

Step 3: Make sure you are on the Polygon Network

Step 4: Once you've connected your wallet

👋 In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see the last digits of your wallet address. But please make sure you're logged in on Polygon
Good to know: We use Polygon because of negligible gas costs. If you're not logged in on Polygon, it will not work correctly and you'll waste a lot of money.

Step 5: Name, Tweet Your Proof, and Add a Description

👋 To be able to mint a POLEP, first make a tweet containing the wallet address you will mint with and an image showing your proof. Then, submit your POLEP token's name, tweet, and description here! Select your quantity and mint to submit your POLEP!

Step 6: Add your wallet address and swap out the variables provided

Good to know: Make sure you keep the tags intact. It helps us in recording the submission and processing it correctly.
Please keep the hashtags included

Step 7: Attach your photo and send the tweet

Make sure it's a photo

Step 8: Copy and Paste Your Tweet into the form. And then press "Mint now!"

Choose the quanity you'd like to mint

Step 9: Check Opensea for our Official Blue Studios POLEP Section​

Opensea Collection

Step 10: You'll see the Bella Tesseract rotating and give us 24-48 hours to approve your NFT from our backend. To ensure there isn't any spam, harmful content, or anything that's not safe for families, we manually approve all offerings. We'll DM you or @ reply to you once it's been approved